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Getting Started with Optery for Family for Family Administrators

Optery enables you to protect unlimited family, friends and loved ones with Optery for Family.

How Pricing Works

Optery's list pricing is posted to our Pricing page, and the discounting below applies to all paid plans covered by your Optery for Family account, including your own. For example, if you cover yourself and your spouse, that's 2 plans, and 20% off all plans, and so on, up to a maximum of 30% off all plans for 4 or more plans.

2 Paid Plans3 Paid Plans4+ Paid Plans
20% off all plans25% off all plans30% off all plans
For example, yourself and 1 other loved oneFor example, yourself and 2 other loved onesFor example, unlimited loved ones, friends and family

Tip: With Optery for Family there is no limit to the number of loved ones you can protect, and no restriction to the type of relationships you can cover. You can use Optery for Family to protect your immediate and extended family members, roommates, housemates, significant others, friends, and loved ones. The more people you cover, the greater your overall discount on all plans, up to 30% off all plans.

Note: You can cover an unlimited number of loved ones, but each loved one must have their own account, and each Optery account can only be used for a single person. For example, if you want to cover 5 family members with your Optery for Family account, 1 active plan must be created for each family member.

Tip: Optery offers Monthly and Yearly billing options for maximum flexibility and value. You can activate and deactivate covered members at any time, and change plan tiers for different members at any time, i.e. you can "mix and match" between Free Basic, Core, Extended, and Ultimate for any family member. You can activate and deactivate coverage for different family members at any time. However, you cannot mix and match billing terms of monthly and yearly in Family plans

Note: After a covered member accepts their invitation and activates their account covered by paid subscription plan, the Family Administrator's payment method will be charged. Therefore Family Administrators must only invite those they wish to be charged for. However, there are no charges for adding family members to the Free Basic account tier.

Tip: If your invited member was on a paid Optery subscription plan previously, please send their Optery account email address to or via our Help Desk chat so we can ensure any remaining value on their pre-existing Optery account is refunded. This is especially important if they were on a Yearly plan previously as the dollar amount may be high. We do not want to double-charge anyone ever.

Note: Promo codes cannot be added to an Optery for Family plans.

Note: How Family plan discount works: After you add your new family members, we will ensure that the full 20%, 25%, or 30% discount flows through to all of the family members' accounts.
i.e 20% discount on the yearly subscription. On the first payment, the way we do this by discounting your new family member's account by $100. This is the total of BOTH for YOUR account discount AND for your family member's account discount. So the way this works in practice is your family member's charge will be approximately $149 for the Yearly plan, which is $50 off for your plan PLUS $50 off for their plan. After the first year, both plans would renew the following year at the combined $199 + $199 = $398 per year. This all flows through our system automatically. In the highly unlikely event that you are overcharged, just reach out to us and we will investigate and refund any monies due immediately.

Each initial charge will “hit” individually. However on a going forward basis, after the initial charges, the charges are lumped together into one charge. Partial months or years are all prorated against the family admin’s plan term renewal date. You cannot mix and match billing terms in the same account (I.e. monthly vs yearly), but you can by plan tier (e.g. core, extended, ultimate).

Easy Self Service Onboarding - Start Protecting Loved Ones in Less than 5 Minutes

Log in to your Optery account ( If you don't already have an account, you first need to sign up (

If you want coverage with a paid plan, navigate to the Accounts page and ensure you've added a valid payment method:
Adding a payment method is not necessary if everyone will remain on the Free Basic tier.

Navigate to the Manage Family page and click "Invite Member" (

Invite a Family Member

Enter your covered family member's details, select a plan, and then click "Invite Member".

Invite a Family Member

After clicking "Invite Member", your family member will receive an email invitation to complete their sign up and activate their account. After your family member completes their signup, they will receive their initial Exposure Report, and if you upgraded them to a paid plan, opt out processing will start within 1 - 3 business days (usually the same day). You can learn more about the Optery for Family covered member onboarding experience here.

Optery for Family Email Invitation

Each month or year, depending on your billing term (i.e. Monthly or Yearly), your payment method will be charged for family members with an active paid plan. Family members you've invited, but have not yet activated will incur no cost. Family members on the Free Basic account tier will also incur no cost. You can change plan tiers, and add and remove family members at any time, and you will only be charged for active family members on a paid plan.

Add or Remove Family Members

Repeat the steps above as necessary to add more family members.

If you have more questions about Optery for Family, we'd love to talk with you. Just send us note at we'll follow up with you right away.

Updated on: 03/07/2023

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