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About Optery for Business Dashboard

Gain Deeper Insights with the Optery for Business Dashboard

Optery is committed to enhancing visibility and transparency regarding personal data exposure and opt-out processes for our Optery for Business customers. To support this commitment, we have added insights to the business dashboard that are designed to help you understand the return on investment (ROI) when using Optery for your employees and to optimize your use of our services effectively.

Key Metrics on Your Dashboard Include:

Number of Scans (Monthly / Cumulative)
Profiles Exposed (Monthly / Cumulative)
Profiles Removed (Monthly / Cumulative)
Subscription Usage
Incomplete Member Profiles
Pending Invites
Time Saved Using Optery

Detailed Descriptions of Each Metric:

Number of Scans:
You can now see the number of site scans conducted by Optery on your behalf and easily toggle between monthly and cumulative scans.

Number Of Scans

Profiles Exposed:
Optery continuously monitors personal identifiable information (PII) exposure across various data brokers for your employees. The 'Profiles Exposed' metric shows the total number of exposed member profiles detected by Optery for your organization, available in both cumulative and monthly breakdowns.

Profiles Exposed

Profiles Removed:
Optery actively conducts opt-outs for our subscribed business customers. Using a combination of automated processes and dedicated human Privacy Agents for quality assurance, the 'Profiles Removed' metric quantifies the success of erasing employees' personal identifiable information from data brokers. This metric is also tracked both monthly and cumulatively.

Profiles Removed

Subscription Usage:
This metric displays your current usage of our services against the total available licenses, helping you manage your subscription effectively.

Subscription Usage

Incomplete Member Profiles:
This count reflects the number of members who have yet to complete their registration with Optery. Incomplete profiles may hinder our effectiveness in locating and removing employee data.

Incomplete Member Profiles

Pending Invites:
Shows the total number of invitations awaiting responses. Reducing pending invites can decrease the risk of exposure.

Pending Invites

Time Saved Using Optery:
This metric illustrates the efficiency gained by using Optery over manual processes for identifying exposures and performing opt-outs.

Total Time Saved Calculation:
The total time saved is calculated by summing the time saved from plans and scans. The time saved from plans is calculated based on the organization's subscription plans (core, extended, ultimate) and the number of users per plan. The time saved from scans is calculated based on the removals and exposures for the organization.

Time Saved from Plans:
For each plan (core, extended, ultimate), the time saved is calculated based on the total subscription duration and the number of users on that plan. The time saved includes one-off tasks, on-demand tasks, recurring tasks, and ad hoc tasks associated with each plan. The calculation is based on a fixed time value for each task.

Time Saved from Scans:
The time saved from scans is calculated based on the number of exposures and removals. Each exposure and removal has a fixed time value associated with it.

Monthly Time Saved Calculation:
For the current month, the time saved from plans and scans is calculated separately. The time saved from plans considers the current month's user count, while the time saved from scans considers the exposures and removals for the current month.

Overall Time Saved Calculation:
The overall time saved is the sum of the total time saved from plans and the total time saved from scans.

Mathematical Representation:
Total Time Saved=Time Saved from Plans+Time Saved from ScansTotal Time Saved=Time Saved from Plans+Time Saved from Scans
The time saved from plans and scans can be calculated as described above, with each component of the calculation represented mathematically.

Time Saved using Optery

By utilizing the Optery for Business Dashboard, your organization can monitor these critical metrics but also significantly enhance your operational security and employee privacy.

Optery for Business Dashboard

Updated on: 16/05/2024

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