After being named "Editors' Choice" by as the most outstanding product in its category over competitors such as DeleteMe, OneRep, The Kanary, PrivacyBee, IDX Privacy, Surftshark Incogni, and others, Optery now offers personal data removal services to organizations with Optery for Business.

Optery for Business offers Monthly and Yearly billing options for maximum flexibility and value
Monthly Billing Option

With the Monthly billing option, you can activate and deactivate covered members at any time, and each month you pay only for what you use. This provides maximum flexibility and cash flow management if needs change over time. With the Monthly billing option you can avoid vendor lock in, and there's no need to pre-pay for service you may not use later.

Yearly Billing Option

With the Yearly billing option, you will pre-pay for a set number of plans in advance. The volume discounting is the greatest with the yearly billing option versus the monthly billing option. This provides maximum value and the lowest total cost for coverage. If your needs change, you can always purchase more plans later at pro-rated rates for partial billing terms.

Start Protecting Your Organization in Less than 5 Minutes

You can create your business account now with the instructions below, and contact us at for volume discounted pricing.

Create an Administrator account here:

You can add more Administrators later at any time.

Add your payment method here:

New Optery for Business accounts default to the Ultimate plan at this time, but if you're interested in other plans (e.g. Core, Extended), or a mix of different plans, please contact us at and we will update your account.
If you have questions about pricing or volume discounts, send a note to

Return to your Dashboard, and invite your team members by entering their First Name, Last Name and Email Address and then click "Invite Member" one by one

If you have a large number of covered members, you can use our Bulk Invite feature.

After you click "Invite Member" each team member will receive an email invitation inviting them to complete their sign up. After your team member completes their signup, they will receive their initial Exposure Report, and opt out processing privacy protection will start within 1 - 3 business days (usually the same day).

If you are on the Monthly Billing option, each month, your payment method will only be charged for team members with an active plan. Team members you've invited that have not yet activated will incur no cost. You can add and remove team members at any time, and will only be charged for active team members.

If you have more questions about Optery for Business, we'd love to talk with you. Just send us note at we'll follow up with you right away.
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