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Can I have different billing terms (Yearly or Monthly) within the same account?

Optery for Business offers Monthly and Yearly billing options for maximum flexibility and value.

However, at this time Optery does not support mixing different billing terms within the same account. For example, if you have a subscription plan with a monthly term and also want to add an annual plan, you would need to create two separate accounts.

If you want to change the billing terms for a member who already has a subscription, you must first downgrade their account to Free Basic and then remove it from your organization. You can see the toggles for this here: How to upgrade or downgrade a covered member plan?

You would then need to invite the member into the second account using the exact same email address they used previously. Then it would be onboarded into the new account you created for your preferred billing term (yearly or monthly).

You can simply send an invite to those new members who do not have an existing subscription and choose which account you prefer for the billing terms.

Once the new account is created, please contact our support team at to ensure both accounts are configured correctly on our backend.

We intend to add more flexibility in mixing different billing terms within the same account in the future.

Updated on: 13/05/2023

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