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I've Lost My Password - How Do I Reset My Password?

If you've lost your password or you can't log into your account, reset your password using the steps below.

Enter the email address you used to log into your account
Click "Send Instructions"
Check your email to locate your password reset instructions. If you can't find the email, check your Spam folder, or you might need to wait up to 10 minutes for the password reset instructions to arrive
Follow the instructions in the email you received to reset you password

Note: a common problem is when people have multiple different email addresses, and they mistake which email address they used when initially creating an account at Optery, and then they end up trying to log in with the wrong email address and they never receive the password reset email. If the steps below don't work for you, you can scroll to the bottom of this page and contact us letting us know what email address you are trying to log in with.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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