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Opt out coverage limitations for Acxiom

This page explains how Optery covers opt outs and removals for Acxiom

Acxiom is one of the world's largest, oldest, most diversified and most sophisticated data brokers. Cleverly, they have made certain opt out procedures more difficult, and other opt out procedures more simple. While most data brokers have a single opt out procedure, Acxiom has multiple opt out procedure options, as explained on their privacy page here.

What information does Optery remove from Acxiom, and what are the limitations?

Currently, Optery delivers opt outs and removals requests for Acxiom's marketing data products only. This provides some privacy benefits, but will not completely remove you from Acxiom's vast databases across its product portfolio. In the near future, Optery plans to provide more comprehensive opt outs and removals for Acxiom.

After Optery completes opt outs for Acxiom's marketing data products, Acxiom will still retain your information for other products and services in its portfolio. What this means is that even after Optery completes your opt out request, if you submit a data access request to Acxiom, you will likely receive a large summary of information about you that they are still retaining.

Optery customers should be aware of this current limitation for our coverage of Acxiom.

What else can you do to opt out and remove yourself from Acxiom?

If you are concerned with Acxiom continuing to use your information beyond their marketing data products opt out, we encourage you to submit your own opt out and data deletion requests to Acxiom directly via its various opt out procedures here: Unfortunately, these additional opt out and data deletion requests for Acxiom are currently outside of the scope of Optery's removal services at this time.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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