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Opt out coverage limitations for Radaris

This page explains how Optery's Ultimate plan covers Radaris

Whereas most data brokers comply with opt out requests and completely remove personal information from their web sites without too much trouble, Radaris is notoriously difficult and does not fully comply with opt out requests. For this reason, most of our competitors do not cover Radaris. We prefer not to give them a free pass, and continue to pursue multiple channels to have our customers' profiles removed from Radaris. In many cases, we have been successful, but it often takes months of time and effort.

Here is an excellent article from Krebs on Security detailing the unique challenges and history when dealing with Radaris:

What information does Optery remove from Radaris, and what are the limitations?

Radaris has two profile types:

(a) a standard "For Sale" profile type


(b) a generic aggregated web scrape about you from various sources both past and present (e.g. social networks, resume profile, and any other public records)

At this time, Optery is able to successfully remove customer profiles from Radaris's standard "For Sale" profile type, however, after that profile is removed, they still do continue to publish their generic aggregated web scrape information about you. They often refuse and inconsistently honor the removal requests and our effort sometimes is unsuccessful.

Additionally, they set some limitations in submitting removal requests for the same person. If you sign up for the Optery Ultimate plan, it means we are already taking over the processing of your removals. If you tried to claim and control your information - you might notice a notification showing “ Someone else owns your profile “ which sometimes makes it difficult to remove the aggregated web scrape if the customer has previously tried to claim and remove the profile.

Optery customers should be aware of this current limitation to removals from Radaris. But note that we are continuing to pursue multiple avenues in an attempt to get Radaris to fully comply with removal requests. Optery invests a significant amount of resources in developing proprietary opt-out methods for Radaris however it often takes months of time and effort.

Is there anything else we can do?

If you see your profile or your requests have been marked unsuccessful or we incorrectly marked the status as removed/not found. It is possible that we have successfully removed your primary profile but Radaris refuses to remove the aggregated web scrape profile.

In this case, you can submit a reported issue request again after a couple of months of unsuccessful removal and we will re-try to process the removals.

Additionally, we're currently submitting complaints to the Federal Trade Commission through their web site, and for our California-based customers, we are also submitting complaints to the California Attorney General's office. If you care about this issue as much as we do, we encourage you to also submit complaints about Radaris refusing to remove all personal information from its web site as well. Below are the links where you can do this:

Report Internet Privacy Fraud with the Federal Trade Commission's

File a Consumer Complaint Against Radaris with the California Attorney General

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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