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Opt Out Coverage Limitations for Epsilon

This page explains how Optery covers opt outs and removals for Epsilon

Epsilon is one of the largest global consumer databases. Epsilon gathers data from public records like property deeds, permits, phone books and voter registration files as well as self-reported household data from surveys, warranty cards, catalogs and magazine publishers. With that data, Epsilon learns who a person is, what they buy and what they care about, based upon factors like an individual's lifestyle, wealth and finance, wellness and health, and personal preferences and attitudes.

Cleverly, they have made certain opt out procedures more difficult, and other opt out procedures more simple. While most data brokers have a single opt out procedure, Epsilon has multiple opt out procedure options, as explained on their privacy page here.

What information does Optery remove from Epsilon, and what are the limitations?

Currently, Optery delivers opt outs requests to Epsilon for their "Do not sell my personal information" opt out request type only. This provides some privacy benefits, but will not completely remove you from Epsilon's vast databases across its product portfolio. In the near future, Optery plans to provide more comprehensive opt outs and removals for Epsilon.

After Optery completes the "Do not sell" opt out for Epsilon, Epsilon will still retain your information for other products and services in its portfolio. What this means is that even after Optery completes your opt out request, if you submit a data access request to Epsilon, you will likely receive a large summary of information about you that they are still retaining.

Optery customers should be aware of this current limitation for our coverage of Epsilon.

What else can you do to opt out and remove yourself from Epsilon?

If you are concerned with Epsilon continuing to use your information beyond their "Do not sell" opt out, we encourage you to submit your own opt out and data deletion requests to Epsilon directly via its various opt out procedures here: Epsilon currently offers three different opt out request types, and one option to access your personal information on their Consumer Privacy Request Form. Only one request for each type is permitted, however , multiple submissions are allowed. Unfortunately, these additional opt out and data deletion requests for Epsilon are currently outside of the scope of Optery's removal services at this time.

Optery encourages you to access Epsilon's information about privacy and protecting your personal information on their site, as well as information about how they use the data they collect. Resources and information for consumers about how collected data is used by Epsilon can be found here. Epsilon provides a free marketing data summary about your household contained in their databases, upon request. The Epsilon North American Privacy Policy can be found here.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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