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Does Optery Support Unlimited Different Name Variations and Aliases?

Yes - Optery supports unlimited name variations and name aliases for the same person for the self-service tools in our Free Basic tier, and for removals for the Extended and Ultimate plans, but NOT for the Core plan. Our low-cost Core plan only covers one single name.

To be clear, this does not mean a customer can submit multiple additional names for family members, friends, relatives, or anyone else other than for the paying customer. Per the Optery Terms of Service, each individual person must have their own Optery account. Name variations and aliases are intended for a single people who have had different names during their life, but is not intended to support multiple different people.

The most common name variations we see are for women who have a different maiden name and married name. We also commonly see shortened names, e.g. William and Bill, Christine and Chris, Johnathan and John, Jennifer and Jen, etc. Or when someone changes their name through a court order. We require that the name variations must be for the same person.

To add name variations, log into your account, and update your profile here:

Optery will perform scans and opt outs for each name variation and alias you provide, but will not deliver multiple individual Exposure Reports for each name variation and alias.

If you would like additional Exposure Reports generated for different city and state combinations, you can use our on-demand Custom Scans feature.

Customer accounts with more than 5 different name variations may be flagged for review and potential cancellation of the additional names if they are determined to not be for the same person. Such Customers can reach if they want to add other name variations.

Updated on: 07/07/2024

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