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Ultimate Plan Offers Best Effort Removals for Unsupported Data Brokers through Custom Removals Requests

A unique feature of the Ultimate plan is customers can submit Custom Removals Requests for additional data broker profiles not already covered by the Ultimate plan, and we will make a best effort to remove the profile, even though it is not officially covered on our official list of covered data brokers.

Note: Processing Custom Removals Requests begins 30 days after the Ultimate plan subscription was purchased.

Note: In practice approximately 75% of Optery's Custom Removals requests are successful in resulting in removing the personal information, but approximately 25% of the Custom Removals requests are unsuccessful.

Important Notes Regarding Custom Removals Requests:

Optery does not cover, and this procedure does not apply to, general web sites like blogs, news sites, celebrity sites, community web sites, personal web sites, discussion boards, forum web sites, pornography sites, wiki sites, photo sites, video sites, computer programming web sites, legal records sites, documents posted online (e.g. PDFs, TXTs), or social media sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Snap, TikTok, Twitter, etc - Optery only removes from data brokers and people search sites.

When submitting Custom Removal Requests, you must submit the full URL(s) to the profile(s) you would like removed - Optery will not accept company names, screen shots, lists of the names of data brokers, or lists of domain names for data brokers - Custom Removals Requests must be submitted in the form of a full URL leading directly to the profile page you are referring to. If you cannot provide a full URL that leads directly to the profile you'd like to be removed, unfortunately, Optery cannot proceed with attempting to fulfill the Custom Removal Request.

As part of Optery's commitment to customer satisfaction and privacy, we make a best effort to fulfill our Ultimate plan customers' custom data broker removal requests, however, Optery makes no representations, warranties, promises or guarantees whatsoever regarding the success or timing of removals for these unsupported data broker submissions, and we reserve the right to reject any and all Custom Removals requests at our full discretion.

If a Custom Removal Request is closed as Unsuccessful, you are permitted to re-submit the same request again a maximum of 1 time every 12 months for re-processing. One of the reasons for this long waiting period is we have seen some Custom Requests take up to 8 months before the data broker removes the profile.

The the most common reason why a Custom Removal request is rejected is because unfortunately some data brokers simply do not honor opt out requests. If a Custom Removal request is rejected, you are welcome to reach out to the company directly. Unsuccessful removal requests are more common for residents of states that do not have any data privacy laws passed. By contrast, we have more success for residents of states that do have data privacy laws passed such as California and Nevada.

How to Submit Your Custom Removals Requests:

Navigate to the "Custom Removals" link from your Optery dashboard menu.

How to access Custom Removals?

Fill out the "Submit Exposed Link" form with as much information as possible, including the URL to the profile and a screenshot of the profile, so we have adequate information to process your request. See example below:

How to submit a Custom Removals Request?

After submitting your Custom Removals Request, you should be able to view the status of the request. See example below:

Custom Removals Request Status

Here is an example Custom Removals Request screen.

Example Custom Removals Request Screen

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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