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What's the difference between the Free Basic, Core, Extended, and Ultimate plan tiers? Why should I choose Ultimate over the other plans?

The primary differences between the Core, Extended, and Ultimate plans are related to the number of data brokers each plan covers. Scroll to the section titled Need Help Choosing a Plan? on our Pricing page for full details on which data brokers each plan covers, and the main differences between each plan. To summarize:

Free Basic Plan - free exposure report and self-service tools

The Free Basic plan offers free a Exposure Reports when you sign up, and then again approximately every 3 months (quarterly) provided you've logged into the account in the last 3 months. The Free Basic plan also offers a visibility Dashboard and tools for self-service removals. The free Exposure Report alone is a huge value - it typically finds ~100 profiles exposed and provides screenshots with direct links to the profiles for investigation. Optery's free Exposure Report finds more profiles than Google. There's nothing else out there like it anywhere and many people use it to double-check the work of competing services.

Core Plan - low-cost, no frills, plan for ongoing basic coverage

The Core plan provides basic coverage across many of the top data brokers, and is most comparable to the number of data brokers our competitors cover such as DeleteMe, Hello Privacy, and DuckDuckGo (a.k.a. Removaly) provide. The Core plan is the 80/20 solution and best bang for your buck in terms of cost per data broker removed. Choose this plan if you'd like a low-cost plan for ongoing basic coverage at a price point that won’t hurt your bank account. We're continually testing new data brokers to be added to the Core plan on an ongoing basis and we plan to continue increasing the number of data brokers covered by the Core plan. This plan has limitations in that it only supports one name and city and state per person, whereas the Extended and Ultimate plans support unlimited names and cities and states for the same person. The Core plan is a “Bot Only” automated approach with No human Privacy Agent assigned for QA or handling special circumstances. The Core Plan does not offer quarterly removal reports, which you would get with the Extended or Ultimate Plans.

Extended Plan - best value plan

The Extended plan provides broad removals coverage, across more of the top people search sites. Approximately every 3 months customers will get a Removals Report showing before and after screen shots. The Extended plan, like the Ultimate plan, offers a “Humans + Machines” approach with automated opt outs + an assigned human Privacy Agent for QA and handling special circumstances. This plan offers broader coverage than Core, but not as extensive as Ultimate. The main limitation of the Extended plan compared to the Ultimate plan is that the Extended plan does not offer Custom Removals.

The Ultimate plan is our most popular plan and provides maximum privacy protection coverage across our full database of people search directory sites. Ultimate customers get covered first when new data brokers are added to our system before consideration at a later date for the Core or Extended plans, and are assigned to a human Privacy Agent to complement the work of our automated opt out processing. This plan is intended for people who place an especially high premium on their privacy (e.g. executives, public figures, journalists, politicians, government officials, doctors, attorneys, high net worth individuals, business owners, professional athletes, and victims of stalking, violence and harassment) and who have the disposable income to easily justify the cost of ongoing coverage. A unique feature of the Ultimate plan is customers can submit additional data broker profiles not covered by the plan, and we will make a best effort to remove the profile, even though it is not officially covered, this is called Unlimited Custom Removals. The Ultimate plan offers a “Humans + Machines” approach with automated opt outs + assigned human Privacy Agent for QA and handling special circumstances and receive Priority Email Support. Ultimate customers also receive a Removals Report with before and after screen shots every 3 months.

Updated on: 17/06/2024

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