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What is a Removals Report?

This Removals Report is provided to demonstrate and provide "proof of work" where your private information has been removed from the data brokers posting and selling it online.

The Removals Report provides "before" and "after" screenshots demonstrating where your private information was posted publicly by a data broker previously, but has since been removed by Optery. It is the companion report to the initial Exposure Report.

Note that it represents a snapshot of the profiles that have been removed, but is not comprehensive of all data brokers we cover or have removed you from.

Removals Reports are sent out quarterly (i.e. approximately every 3 months). 

If you cancel your paid subscription plan prior to the Removals Report being sent out, you will not receive a Removals Report. If you would like to view your Removals Report, we recommend you keep you plan active at least until after you receive your first Removals Report.

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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