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What is a Removals Report?

This Removals Report is designed to verify and showcase the removal of your private information from online data brokers that post and sell it.

It includes "before" and "after" screenshots to show where your information was previously made public by a data broker and has now been removed by Optery. This report serves as a complement to the initial Exposure Report (/en/article/what-is-an-exposure-report-1v6zpz9/).

Please note that this report captures a selection of profiles we've successfully removed and does not encompass every data broker we engage with or all removals conducted.

Removals Reports are issued quarterly, about every three months, for Extended and Ultimate Plans.

To receive a Removals Report, your paid subscription must be active at the time of its distribution. If you're interested in viewing your Removals Report, we advise maintaining your subscription until after you've received your first report.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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