No. Absolutely not.

Optery does not sell data to any private, public, or government organization(s).

Optery is not a data broker.

Optery does not have any financial relationship with any data broker.

Optery is not affiliated with any data broker.

BEWARE - Some of our competitors also opterate data broker businesses or have affiliate relationships with data brokers.
For this reason we strongly recommend people Do Not use OneRep (headquartered in Belarus) or BrandYourself. There are others we have a strong suspicion of, but don't know for certain, so we won't risk sharing their names.
OneRep, which is headquartered in Belarus, has an opt out and removals business, but are owned by an ownership group that simultaneously runs the people search data broker site Nuwber.
BrandYourself partners with data brokers as part of its affiliate program. So if you pay them for removals, you are indirectly paying the data brokers.
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