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Does Optery sell data or have an affiliation with any data broker?

No. Absolutely not.

Optery does not currently sell data, and never in the past has sold data, to any private, public, or government organization(s).

Optery is not currently, and never in the past has sold data, to a data broker.

Optery does not currently have, and never in the past has had, any financial relationship or affiliate partnership with any data broker.

Optery is a data privacy and security service that finds and removes people from data brokers.

BEWARE - Some of our competitors also currently, or have in the past, run data brokers, or have / have had financial relationships or affiliate partnerships with data brokers (e.g. OneRep, BrandYourself, HelloPrivacy, DataSeal). If you’re seeking privacy services, we recommend avoiding these types of companies that we refer to as "Data Privacy Double Agents", unless you want to fund the very data brokers you’re trying to be removed from.. Learn more from the blog post Data Privacy Double Agents – Can We Trust OneRep, HelloPrivacy, DataSeal and BrandYourself?

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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