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How often does Optery run scans and opt outs?


For paying customers (e.g. on the Core, Extended, or Ultimate plan), Optery submits and re-submits opt outs and personal information removal requests a minimum of once every 30 days unless an opt out removal confirmation has been received or verified (i.e. monthly).

For users on the Free Basic account, Optery runs free Exposure Report scans approximately every 3 months (i.e. quarterly).


For paying customers, Optery automatically performs a full exposure scan a minimum of once every 30 days of all its supported data brokers that can be publicly searched. Upon completion of the full exposure scan Optery automatically submits opt out and removals requests to each data broker where a customer’s profile has been found exposed. For supported data brokers who do not publicly expose customer profiles, Optery also automatically submits opt out removal requests on the same cadence (i.e. a minimum of once every 30 days) until the data broker confirms that the customer’s profile has been opted out of sale or removed. In addition to the automated exposure scans and removals that are happening a minimum of once every 30 days, Optery’s expert Privacy Agents also conduct manual reviews and submit opt outs on a monthly basis for quality assurance. Exposure scans and opt outs are often run more frequently than monthly. For example, in the first ~30 days after an account is upgraded, we are often running scans every few days as we are kicking off your account and there's a lot of activity based on discovery of profiles in different cities and states and with name variations. This often depends on the unique customer situation. Paying customers are also sent Removals Reports approximately every 3 months, which display before and after screen shots of where you've been removed.

For users of Optery’s Free Basic tier, Optery automatically performs a full exposure scan of all supported data brokers a minimum of once every 90 days. After the exposure scan is completed, a free Exposure Report is provided to the Free Basic user. The Exposure Report provides verifiable screenshots of the user’s profiles found posted online by data brokers covered by Optery. Free Basic account holders may submit opt outs themselves, or they can upgrade to a paid plan and Optery will perform the opt outs on their behalf.

Optery’s list of supported data brokers by plan can be found here, currently totaling hundreds of data brokers and people search sites:

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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