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What is an Exposure Report?

What are Exposure Reports?

Understanding your Custom Exposure Report

At Optery, before anything else, we give you visibility into the type of information that’s currently being posted and sold about you on People Search sites. We provide this in the form of custom dynamically generated URLs on your Dashboard and in an Exposure Report complete with screenshots delivered by email typically within a few days after you sign up (for free).

Once you have created your account, an Exposure Report will be emailed to you. Your Exposure Report is also accessible from the Optery Dashboard under
View your report in your browser by clicking
or download your report by clicking

Exposure Reports Explained

The first page of your Exposure Report will have the name you provided under your Profile when you set up your Optery account and the date the Exposure Report was generated.
If you are a user subscribed to one of our paid plans, you can check the status of your profile exposures and opt outs in your Dashboard in real time. You can also configure your account to receive bi-weekly or monthly status reports by email (choose your removal status update selection under “Notification Preferences” in the

section of the Dashboard).

The Exposure Report Summary page indicates the name of the Plan you are subscribed to and the date you set up your Optery account. The Scan Summary indicates the number of data brokers our system has scanned and the number of your profiles that were found.
The Profile Enhancements section informs you of the personal information that was used from your account profile in order to locate you on the scanned data broker sites. If you entered your Date of Birth, “Yes” will be listed. If you did not enter any past addresses, “No” will be listed. There are additional sections in for you to enter your address, phone numbers and other information that will help Optery identify you on data broker sites. The more information you feel comfortable providing about yourself, the easier it will be for Optery to isolate the most accurate personal information profile data broker sites have on you.

The next pages of the Exposure Report provide you with screenshots of your exposed profiles. Here is an example of a scanned profile that was matched on That’s Them.

That’s Them

Your Exposure Report is generated to help you visualize where your PII is exposed online. In the example above, you can see the name, age, address, phone numbers, email address, net worth, income, household size, length of residency and even a map revealing where the individual lives. That was only a sampling of what the broker reveals. After signing up, people’s jaws usually drop when they scroll through their first Exposure Report and see just how exposed they are to anyone in the world with a web browser.

The Exposure Report provides you with a snapshot of profiles that can be removed, but will not display all data brokers that Optery covers. Once you view your Exposure Report you can submit opt out requests or have Optery submit the requests on your behalf by subscribing to one of our paid plans.

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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