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How can I change my plan tier (Core, Extended, or Ultimate), or my plan term (Monthly or Yearly)?

You can change your plan tier or plan term at any time, and you will not be double-charged. You can save ~17% per year on the price of your account by changing your subscription billing term from monthly to yearly.

Visit our Plans page:

Upgrade or Downgrade your account to your desired plan tier (Core, Extended, or Ultimate) and plan term (Monthly or Yearly). If you would like Yearly billing, then in the upper right of the page, make sure the "Yearly" billing term is selected.

Make sure to click "Upgrade" and confirm the purchase.

Each time you make a plan upgrade, your payment method will be charged the pro-rated difference for the remainder of the term. You will Not be double-charged.

Each time you make a plan downgrade, your account balance will be credited for the unused balance of the higher tier plan.

Using one of the links at the bottom of this page, send us an email or chat if you have any questions about the billing.

Select Yearly Billing Term

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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