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Where can I see the Activity History for my account?

Optery is committed to transparency regarding the work we're doing on your account. We're continually adding data brokers, performing scans and removals, and much more. As part of our effort to ensure transparency, we've introduced a new feature that allows you to track progress on your account over time. This new Activity History feature provides insights into your data broker removal progress. We aim to expand this feature to include additional details, such as plan upgrades and downgrades, family member invitations, and new data brokers added to our coverage, along with other account updates, in the near future.

Note: Activity History is a new feature - we are actively working to improve it and increase the availability of information displayed.

Here is how to utilize the Activity History feature:

Login to your Optery Dashboard. Find the "Activity History" button on the right side of the page as shown in the image below.
Activity History Button

Upon clicking the "Activity History" button, the Data Broker Activity History widget will load, as shown in the image below.
Optery Activity History

You can view the removals progress on your Optery account.
Removals progress

You can also monitor the removals status for individual data brokers under the "show more" links when a screenshot is present. Find the data broker you're interested in, and click "show more" in the data brokers table to find the "Activity History" for that data broker. Here is how it looks:
Databroker Specific Activity History

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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