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How does the Postpone Scan feature work for new signups

Optery requires your personal information to be filled out before the full exposure scan starts.

When you sign up for Optery, we immediately start building your free exposure report by scanning our 270+ data broker sites for your information.

"Postpone Scan" now allows you to delay your Free Exposure Scan for up to 24 hours to give you more time to add your information.

Optery's Free Basic plan offers a free Exposure Report when you sign up, and then another report every 3 months. Postpone Scan enables you to pause the start of the scan, if you want to add more information in order to take full advantage of that first free report. Providing as many details as possible during onboarding is crucial for the most effective scan and you can read more about that here.

Submitting your personal details should take fewer than 5 minutes. If you need more time for whatever reason, just click "Postpone Scan" to delay the start of the scan. Otherwise, the scan will start immediately after your signup and onboarding are completed. Postpone Scan currently supports postponing the scan for a maximum of 24 hours. The countdown to Start Scan is displayed and any Postpone Scan request must be sent before the scan starts.

Scan In Progress

Remember: you are only submitting the type of information that’s already being posted and sold about you on data broker sites. This is how we are able to find your profile for data removal.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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