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What does the "Removal Status" column mean in the Dashboard?

The “Removal Status” column only applies to users on a Paid Plan. This column reflects the status of Optery's removal requests to data brokers on your behalf. For users on a Paid Plan, here are the different statuses you might see:

Submitted: we have submitted your removal request to the data broker.

Acknowledged: the data broker has acknowledged our removal request submission.

Removed: we have confirmed the data broker has removed your profile.

Non-Compliant: many data brokers are shady and don't play by the rules. If we submit a removal request and the data broker ignores it or refuses to comply, they are marked as Non-Compliant.

Needs Escalation: something has gone wrong with the removal request or removal process, and the opt out is being escalated internally and with the data broker for more attention.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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