Unfortunately, removing you from hundreds of data brokers does not happen instantaneously, or even overnight.

Some data brokers process removals within 24 hours, but others take several weeks, or even months to comply. The answer to this question also varies heavily depending on the data broker. For example, The California Consumer Privacy Act, also known as the CCPA - the most strict privacy law in the U.S. - actually gives data brokers a 45 day grace period to comply with an opt out request. The majority of data brokers honor opt out requests on the first try, but others require retries or follow ups over several weeks. In our experience, it can take up to 2 - 3 months of effort for the longtail to disappear.

Even after your profile has been removed from a data broker, Google and Bing can take additional time to remove listings from their search results cache. You can learn more about how to prevent this from this article on our Help Desk here.

Also, some data brokers honor opt outs indefinitely, but others require annual effort to ensure your name and personal info stays removed. The CCPA permits data brokers to stop honoring an opt out request after 1 year, and even after opting out, many data brokers display a message apologizing in advance and admit sometimes their opt out records are over-written accidentally causing data to reappear.

This is why we recommend keeping your account at Optery active on an ongoing basis. Not only does Optery continually expand its list of covered data brokers for all plans, but it is are also continually re-scanning for profiles even after they've been removed, and re-submitting opt outs on an ongoing basis when new results turn up.

It's a bit of a whack a mole game, but Optery has the most advanced opt out technology in the world enabling us to win the game by constantly re-scanning and re-submitting opt outs automatically whenever they pop back up.

To understand the average time it takes to be removed from each data broker, from your Dashboard, under the "More Info" column, click on "show more" to see the Average Profile Removal Time for each data broker.

Paid plan users will start seeing updated removals status on the Removals in Progress and Removals Completed tabs of your Dashboard, as well as receiving Removals Progress Updates by email. Removals Progress Updates default to delivery monthly, but are completely configurable from the Notification Preferences section of your Account settings (e.g. weekly, monthly, or none).

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