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When my data is removed from a data broker, is this permanent?

Unfortunately, after removing your data from a data broker, this is generally not permanent. The answer to this question also varies heavily depending on the data broker.

Every data broker honors opt outs a little bit differently. Some data brokers honor opt outs indefinitely, but others require annual effort to ensure your name and personal info stays removed. For example, The California Consumer Privacy Act, also known as the CCPA - the most strict privacy law in the U.S. - actually permits data brokers to stop honoring an opt out request after 1 year. Also, after opting out, many data brokers display a message apologizing in advance and admit sometimes their opt out records are over-written accidentally (or more likely on purpose) causing data to reappear.

This is why we recommend keeping your account at Optery active on an ongoing basis. Not only does Optery continually expand its list of covered data brokers for all plans, but it is are also continually re-scanning for profiles even after they've been removed, and re-submitting opt outs on an ongoing basis when new results turn up.

It's a bit of a whack a mole game, but Optery has the most advanced opt out technology in the world enabling us to win the game by constantly re-scanning and re-submitting opt outs automatically whenever they pop back up.

Updated on: 26/02/2023

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