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In My Removals Progress Update, What's the Difference Between "Pending" and "In Progress"?

Data Broker Removal Status Updates are email notifications providing the latest status of your opt out requests and removals. You can configure your updates to be delivered Weekly, Monthly, or Never in your Account Notification Preferences: (

Each Removals Progress Update summarizes the total number of data brokers across each of the following statuses:

Removed / Not Found - Indicates your profile has been removed and/or verified as not found at the data broker. This means we could not locate your profile at the data broker, either because we have already removed it, or in some cases because it was never there to begin with.
Pending - Indicates the data broker opt out request is in the queue for submission, but has not yet been submitted, or the data broker is not responding to our requests, typically because it is a Dishonorable Data Broker.
In Progress - Indicates the opt out request has already been submitted to the data broker, and we are either awaiting the data broker's response, or are in back-and-forth communication with the data broker to have the profile removed.
Total Covered - Indicates the total number of data brokers covered by your plan (e.g. Ultimate, Extended, Core).

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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