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How can I verify the profiles Optery says have been removed, have actually been removed?

With patented deep link URLs leading customers directly into their profiles at data broker web sites and Removals Reports displaying before-and-after screenshots of the places customers have been removed, Optery provides more "proof" of its removals than any other personal data removal service on the market. In fact, many people create an Optery Free Basic account to double-check their own self-service removal efforts, or the work of our competitors, before switching over to an Optery paid account. Optery finds, on average, 30 - 50 profiles exposed that our competitors have missed.

If you would like to verify the profiles Optery has marked "Removed / Not Found", you can do so in a few different ways.

In most cases, you can click the links labeled "Removed / Not Found" under the "Link to Profile" column in your Dashboard, and you will be directed to a data broker page that says something like "Profile Not Found", "404" or "No Results". If you have input alternate names (e.g. a maiden name), you can also use the series of Autogenerated Profile Links under the "show more" toggle in the "More Info" columns of your Dashboard. Another option is to search for yourself at each data broker manually. In the rare case you find yourself exposed at a data broker, even after Optery has marked you as "Removed / Not Found", you can learn why this may happen and how to submit the profile for investigation via the Optery Removals Issue feature on our Help Desk here.

Review your Removals Report(s). The Removals Report is the inverse of the Exposure Report you received when you first signed up. It displays before-and-after screen shots of the places you've been removed and can no longer be found. Optery typically delivers this report after your subscription has been active for approximately 3 months.

New customers will receive their first Removals Progress Update about 1 week after signing up, and then monthly thereafter. You can update your Notification Preferences from the the left side menu of your Account details page to change how often you receive these updates. While the Removals Progress Updates do not provide visual proof, they do provide status updates on the progress of your removals.

Note: Optery is committed to transparency of the work we're doing on your account. We're continually adding and removing data brokers, performing scans and removals, and much more. As part of our effort to make our work more transparent, we've released a new feature enabling you to track progress on your account over time. We've started with Activity History relating to data broker removals, however, in the future we plan to add even more information, such as plan upgrades and downgrades, family member invitations, new data brokers added for coverage, account updates, and more.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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