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Configuring Your Phone and Email Scan Preferences

You can improve your scan results by opting in your emails and/or phone numbers for Optery scans.

To Do This

Navigate to the Phones & Emails tab of the Manage Profile page
Add your phone numbers and email addresses that you'd like scanned
Click the three little dots to the right of the email and/or phone number you'd like used for your scans
Toggle ON or OFF the mark for scan / use for scan setting

Important Notes

You can only select one email and one phone number for scans at this time.
Optery does not consider searching for an email or phone number at data brokers as a privacy or security risk, however some people do. If you do not want your email or phone number searched for at data broker sites, or if you view this as a risk, do not use this feature.
To reiterate from the Optery Privacy Policy: "Optery does not sell or rent personal information to any third parties for any purpose. Optery is not a data broker."
This is a new feature currently in Alpha. This means we are actively testing this new feature, working to improve its performance and the feature is a work in progress.

Configuring Your Phone and Email Scan Preferences in Optery

Other Notes

Scanning is when Optery pro-actively searches for your phone and/or email address at a data broker to locate and attempt to remove your profile. We currently do not support multiple phone and email records for the "Use for Scan" feature. Only one phone and and email may be designated as primary "Use for Scan" at this time. In the future, we plan to support scanning for more than one phone and email address.

Matching is where Optery performs searching for your name, city, state, and age, and use the phone numbers and emails you have on file to determine if the profile found is you (i.e. is matched to you). In this case, we do not specifically search for your phone or email, but if the data broker is listing your phone or email, and we have a match for that in our records of what you've provided, that enables us to flag the profile as yours for screenshots and removals.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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