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What are "Autogenerated Profile Links" under "show more" in the Dashboard?

The first link displayed is the same as the "View" link in the "Link to Profile" column of the Dashboard.

If you provide more information in your "Manage Profile" page, we will generate additional links for you to explore. For example, if there are different variations of your name, such as an abbreviation (e.g. Samuel and Sam, or Kristine and Kris), or if you have a Maiden name, you can input those name variations in your "Manage Profile" page, along with past cities you've lived in, and the names of relatives and associates. We'll use that information to generate additional custom links for you to see where you or your family members may be exposed online.

After visiting the Autogenerated Profile Link, an _optional_ step is to click "Yes, that's me" or "No, I'm not there". We use these responses to improve our profile searches and removals, but they are not required.

Updated on: 24/01/2022

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