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Will Optery remove other people's profiles if they display my personal information too?

No, not unless the other person is also subscribed to an Optery paid plan too. Per Section 6, subsection (iii) in the Optery Terms of Service: " Removal Services will be provided for data broker profiles primarily representing you and will not be provided for data broker profiles primarily representing someone other than you ". What this means is that when Optery submits opt out requests to data brokers, we submit them on behalf of the customer for the data broker profiles that represent that customer, and not for data broker profiles that represent other people.

Unfortunately some data brokers may display your information on other people's profiles, most commonly on the profiles of your family members. When this happens we do not remove the profiles of associated people for two reasons:

Unless the subject of the associated profile has also subscribed to an Optery paid plan, we do not have permission from that other person to remove their profile. This would violate both the rights of the other person and of the data broker, so this is not something we are permitted to do.

Rights violations mentioned above aside, if we did offer to submit opt out requests for associated profiles, one single paying customer could demand the removal of all associated profiles, which could conceivably span dozens of additional profiles spanning immediate family members (e.g. parents, children, siblings, spouses), extended family members (e.g. aunts, uncles, cousins), current and former housemates, and in some cases even people that may have simply lived in the same residence previously. This would dramatically increase the scope of our Removal Services and require us to change our pricing model.

If this happens, what other options do you have?

If you know the person / people with the associated profiles, you can recommend they sign up for Optery too, or you can cover the cost of their Optery subscription for them by inviting them to become a member of your Optery for Family plan.

Contact the data broker directly and see if they'll make an exception for you.

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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