For users on the Free Basic account we run Exposure Report scans approximately every three months (i.e. quarterly).

For users on a paid plan (e.g. Core, Extended, Ultimate) we run scans regularly and the cadence changes throughout the life of your plan.

For example, over the first ~15 days, we are running scans approximately every other day as we are kicking off your opt outs and there's a lot of activity.

After the first ~15 days, scans are run approximately a couple of times per week for the next ~15 days. After that, they run approximately monthly, but when we make system updates or updates to our list of covered data brokers, we'll often kick off new scans to ensure our paying customers benefit from these improvements. We send out updated Removals Reports approximately quarterly.

Our goal is to remove our customers' profiles from data brokers as quickly as possible and as thoroughly as possible, so we're constantly optimizing the cadence of our scans.
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