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Will Optery be able to remove All of my information from the internet?

No, in the majority of cases, Optery will not be able to remove all of your information from the Internet.

Firstly, Optery only covers data broker and people search web sites, so by definition, Optery will not remove your information from other types of sites. You can learn more about which sites Optery does not cover here: What Type of Sites Does Optery Not Cover?

Furthermore, Optery's Terms of Service state: "Optery will use good faith, reasonable efforts to provide the Removal Services, but there is no guarantee or warranty of any kind that third-parties will honor or comply with the opt out, data deletion, do not sell, do not share, suppression or removal requests and it is not possible for Optery, Inc. to remove 100% of your personal information from the Internet, or even from all of the data brokers and information aggregators in each Removal List."

Optery is able to remove the vast majority of it, but inevitably there are data brokers that may refuse to comply with our requests, data brokers that change their opt out processes causing us trouble, profiles that pop back up and re-populate over time, and the reality is that unfortunately our opt out software is not 100% perfect at this time.

If you do encounter sites that have mistakenly been marked "Removed / Not Found" when they are still present, or data broker sites not currently covered by the Ultimate plan, you can submit these sites via our Removals Issues and Custom Removals processes as described at the links below:

How do I report an exposed profile or removals issue that Optery has incorrectly marked "Removed / Not Found"?

Ultimate Plan Offers Best Effort Removals for Unsupported Data Brokers through Custom Removals Requests

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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