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Will Optery stop all of my robo calls and email spam?

No. Optery is not an "off" switch for unwanted email spam and robo calls. Many Optery customers report a dramatic decrease in the volume of unwanted email and phone calls, but this is not the specific function of the product. Instead, the primary purpose of Optery is to protect your privacy by removing you data broker sites posting your personal information on the internet. By removing you from these sites, we take your information like home address, phone number, email, family members' names and more out of circulation reducing your attack surface area by bad actors. Optery is part of a wholistic security and privacy approach that reduces your profile online and makes you a more difficult target to attack.**

Another common misconception is that by using a data removal service such as Optery, phone or email spam may actually increase. We have no evidence or reason to believe using Optery will lead to more phone or email spam. You can learn why on our article titled: If I use Optery, will that increase my phone or email spam?**

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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