No. Optery does not share the email address or phone number you provide with data brokers when opting you out.

Most data brokers require an email address to process an opt out request. With an Optery paid plan, we autogenerate custom email addresses for your opt out submissions that we manage for you behind-the-scenes, so your inbox is spared and to be clear: **your personal email address is never shared with any data brokers**.

If you are submitting opt out requests to data brokers on your own, we recommend reading this article on our Help Desk first: Do Not share your personal email or pay any money to data brokers linked to from Optery

Regarding phone number, at this time, supplying a phone number is optional, and if it is provided, we use it in our matching algorithms to help us match your profile to the profiles posted by data brokers more precisely. i.e. the phone number is used for our internal purposes, and to be clear: **the phone number you provide is never shared or submitted externally**.

If sharing your phone number is something you're not comfortable with, we recommend withholding it and not providing it to Optery.
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