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How does the Bot Only Core plan work?

Historically, Optery's Core, Extended, and Ultimate plans all offered monthly automated opt outs + an assigned human Privacy Agent for quality assurance and handling special circumstances. We referred to this as our “Humans + Machines” approach. Whereas some of our competitors perform all removals manually, and other competitors perform all removals via bot automation, our “Humans + Machines” approach provides the best of both worlds.

Optery's Core, Extended, and Ultimate plans all also offered Unlimited Name Variations, Unlimited Past Cities and States, and Quarterly Removals Reports by default - which are fantastic features for ensuring the highest quality removals and transparency on the market.

However, many of our customers have been requesting a low-cost subscription plan that strips away extra features that are not always utilized or that require manual intervention. In response, we re-launched our Core plan as a fully automated "Bot Only" plan, and no longer offer removal reports.

The Optery "Bot Only" Core plan is not perfect and does not have the high levels of quality the Extended and Ultimate plans offer, but does provide an 80/20 solution for basic ongoing scans and removals at an extremely low price point that will have a minimal impact on your bank statement. If you do find yourself needing more coverage you can easily upgrade permanently or temporarily to a higher tier plan.

To summarize the Optery "Bot Only" Core Plan is our low-cost, no frills, fully automated plan for ongoing basic coverage for one name and city and state (learn more).

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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